Steppin’ Stones (The Green Door – May 2008)

Steppin’ Stones was a band fronted by my old lady. Ernie, Wes, Bruce and Dan weren’t bad either. All photographs t

Adrienna – April 2009

One of many shoots done with this gal. She was a roller girl when I met her. Fun and a little wacky…and I mean that in t

Captain Nowhere, Hikes (JRs Lightbulb Club – June 2014)

Captain Nowhere was a band from Fort Smith, Arkansas which appears to no longer be playing. Hikes (Austin, TX) looks like they

Auric, Thunderlizards, Weed Needles (JRs Lightbulb Club – May 2014)

Heavy show with Auric (Fayetteville), Thunderlizards (Fayetteville) and Weed Needles (Fort Smith). All photographs shot with a

The Drunkards (La La Land – November 2012)

Was this the last Drunkards show? Who knows…who cares…the only thing that matters…they finally went away. Al

Airplanes, Jail Weddings (JRs Lightbulb Club – June 2014)

Jail Weddings (Los Angeles, CA) look to still be a band at the time of this post. It was a fun show. Airplanes were a local ba

Cowards, Thunderlizards (S. Duncan Ave – March 2014)

The only show I attended on S. Duncan. There were multiple house parties there for about a year? It was a VERY tiny room. I ha

Lightbulb Detective Agency, Potions, Fauxnz (La La Land – April 2012)

LDA – “A band committed to those same feelings of boundless inspiration and experimentation. A band that was struc

Edie Sedgwick, Glory Bones (JRs Lightbulb Club – March 2012)

El Guapo bassist Justin Moyer. All photographs taken with a Minolta HiMatic G 35mm rangefinder. Would you like to be notified