Betty Joe – December 2008

Betty Joe was a notorious street in the Wedington area of West Fayetteville. A very crime infested place that did have one red

Voyageurs – Dandy November 2010

I can’t recall if the Dandy was the name of the street or the house. Anyway, it was a house party where psychedelic band

Block Street Block Party 2011

Here are a few snapshots from the Block Street Block Party 2011 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I think this was the first year of

Cosmic American & Witchsister – Boom Boom Room January 2016

This was the first time I had shot in this venue. At my second attempt, I managed to get it right. Not that these are bad phot

Paul Boatright & Opal Fly – Green Door May 2008

The Green Door was a music bar located in the Evelyn Hills area of Fayetteville. Ran by some fine folks and a favorite of mine

Dumptruck Boyz – Block Street Records December 2014

Dumptruck Boyz (members of Cletus Got Shot and Thunderlizards) playing a set at Block Street Records on Block Street in Fayett

Dirtmother & Deadbird – OPO May 2008

For some reason or another, I only managed to shoot 2 rolls of film on this night when sludge metal bands Dirtmother and Deadb

23 Book Release Party – November 2015

Bands are Meatsweat, Terminus, Ten High and Izzy Savage and the Cannibals. The party was at LaLaLand in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Halloween 2008

Here are photographs of a house party on Halloween 2008 hosted by Downtown. The bands are Family Dogs and Well, Well, Well. I

Wade Ogle – Songs of Winter CD Design

The following design was for Wade Ogle’s Songs From Winter CD. A simple jewel case design, the real magic behind this pr

Pullout Method – Maxine’s August 2011

One of the last shows I shot of The Pullout Method (Possibly spelt The Pull Out Method). They did a few shows during several m

Rachel AW 2009

In celebration of the anniversary of my first shoot with this tall glass of water, I bring you the following photographs. I jo

Banks of Trent Creek – Maxine’s January 2011

The Banks of Trent Creek (also known simply as Trent Creek) playing a set or two at the once legendary Maxine’s Tap Room

Lafayette House – June 2008

A night at the Lafayette House in Fayetteville, Arkansas with The Drunkards, Outlaw Scum Fucks and Hollywood Blues. Although t

Queen Beast CD Packaging

Queen Beast, a metal band out of Fayetteville, formerly known as Pile of Dead Women, had worked with me on some photography pr

Promotional Video on Vimeo

A small video I assembled for an event back in 2015? This was a collection of film photographs from JRs Lightbulb Club during

The Counterlife – JR’s Lightbulb Club November 2010

JRs Lightbulb Club had not had live music for quite some time and when The Counterlife had issues at Maxine’s Taproom wi

Lethal Red – Bike City April 2008

Also playing that night was Genome Chomsky and The Thing That Always Explodes. I will post a few images from those bands in an

Dying Digipak

If I remember correctly, this was done in 2012 or so. It would be the last project I would do commercially for any form of mus

Starting Over…

After several years of having this domain down, it was decided to bring it back. The hope is to start posting a few galleries