Krustay House Party (November 2009)

Another instance where I do not know the name of the band (If you know…let me know). They were from out of town. A coupl

Ashley – March 2013

Always wanted to do a follow up shoot with this beautiful lady but it never panned out mainly due to my busy life at the time.

The Shackrats (Roger’s Rec Room – Date Unknown 2008)

These are part of a partial roll. I needed to finish a roll of film and on the way home, I saw that The Shackrats were at Roge

The Itch (Maxine’s Tap Room – June 2011)

I photographed bands for many different reasons. Some I enjoyed shooting for their “photogenic” qualities, some be

Schwingers, Teeth Anchors, Rotgut Swine (Lafayette House – August 2008)

The FuckTards did a short set as well. The Lafayette House was an extremely old two story place in Fayetteville, Arkansas. For

Wade Ogle, Candy Lee (The Green Door – August 2008)

Some great shots of Wade with Paul Boatright on percussion. Wade had a lot of different names for his various projects but thi

The Drunkards – March 2010

In March 2010, my Dad had a stroke and was crippled to a wheel chair. Along with that, life in just about every aspect was hor

Lethal Red, Pullout Method, Genome Chomsky (The Dart Room – December 2007)

Most all film photographers, sooner or later, go through the 120 format toy camera phase. Here are some from my short-lived ve

Meatsweat (JRs Lightbulb Club – March 2016)

The last show I would photograph while in Fayetteville. During 2016, a total of nine shows were photographed. It was on a Sund