La La Land – January 2016

Never knew how to properly spell the venue name, 2016 would be the year I started winding down photographing the Fayetteville,

The Harris – June 2012

A set of images done at a long-abandoned hotel with the exception of the old tires shop which I spotted on the way back from t

G Style – April 2009

Here are some promotional images done for rapper and all-around-good-guy G Style. I don’t think he would care for me to

JRs Lightbulb Club – December 2010

Fayetteville bands The Brothel Sprouts, Egyptr, and Voyaguers at JRs Lightbulb Club in December 2010. Can’t recall anyth

Celeste – April 2010

This was the second of two shoots with this gorgeous young lady. An extremely productive and fun session. And although we were

Bike City – October 2008

Fayetteville local punks Genome Chomsky, indie heart throbs Fire Don’t Care and touring band Patsies at Bike City in Oct

Betty Joe – December 2008

Betty Joe was a notorious street in the Wedington area of West Fayetteville. A very crime infested place that did have one red

Voyageurs – Dandy November 2010

I can’t recall if the Dandy was the name of the street or the house. Anyway, it was a house party where psychedelic band

Block Street Block Party 2011

Here are a few snapshots from the Block Street Block Party 2011 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I think this was the first year of

Cosmic American & Witchsister – Boom Boom Room January 2016

This was the first time I had shot in this venue. At my second attempt, I managed to get it right. Not that these are bad phot

Paul Boatright & Opal Fly – Green Door May 2008

The Green Door was a music bar located in the Evelyn Hills area of Fayetteville. Ran by some fine folks and a favorite of mine

Dumptruck Boyz – Block Street Records December 2014

Dumptruck Boyz (members of Cletus Got Shot and Thunderlizards) playing a set at Block Street Records on Block Street in Fayett

Dirtmother & Deadbird – OPO May 2008

For some reason or another, I only managed to shoot 2 rolls of film on this night when sludge metal bands Dirtmother and Deadb

23 Book Release Party – November 2015

Bands are Meatsweat, Terminus, Ten High and Izzy Savage and the Cannibals. The party was at LaLaLand in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Halloween 2008

Here are photographs of a house party on Halloween 2008 hosted by Downtown. The bands are Family Dogs and Well, Well, Well. I

Wade Ogle – Songs of Winter CD Design

The following design was for Wade Ogle’s Songs From Winter CD. A simple jewel case design, the real magic behind this pr

Pullout Method – Maxine’s August 2011

One of the last shows I shot of The Pullout Method (Possibly spelt The Pull Out Method). They did a few shows during several m

Rachel AW 2009

In celebration of the anniversary of my first shoot with this tall glass of water, I bring you the following photographs. I jo

Banks of Trent Creek – Maxine’s January 2011

The Banks of Trent Creek (also known simply as Trent Creek) playing a set or two at the once legendary Maxine’s Tap Room

Lafayette House – June 2008

A night at the Lafayette House in Fayetteville, Arkansas with The Drunkards, Outlaw Scum Fucks and Hollywood Blues. Although t

Queen Beast CD Packaging

Queen Beast, a metal band out of Fayetteville, formerly known as Pile of Dead Women, had worked with me on some photography pr

Promotional Video on Vimeo

A small video I assembled for an event back in 2015? This was a collection of film photographs from JRs Lightbulb Club during

The Counterlife – JR’s Lightbulb Club November 2010

JRs Lightbulb Club had not had live music for quite some time and when The Counterlife had issues at Maxine’s Taproom wi

Bike City – April 2008

Playing that night was Lethal Red, Genome Chomsky and The Thing That Always Explodes. Shot quite a lot of film that night. One