Starting Over…

After several years of having this domain down, it was decided to bring it back. The hope is to start posting a few galleries from those days (mostly photographs). I have a new venture in life and time is not in great supply right now but I really would like to see this site become, at the very least, functional again.

Below is a promotional poster created for an event that I put on in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I had been photographing the local scene for around 5 years at that point and amassed over 15,000 frames of film. The room, LaLaLand, was a very narrow space. One entire side was covered in red. The other was covered in over 600 or 800 black and white photographs. If memory serves me correct, we also had clear lights all across the ceiling. Nervous Curtains was not initially scheduled for the event. They were scheduled at JRs Lightbulb Club on the same night but due to fears of our event cutting into their attendance, we added them to the show. Fun times. After this, I took a year and-a-half hiatus from the camera.

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