The Shackrats (Roger’s Rec Room – September 2008)

These are a mystery to me. The Shackrats without instruments and in Roger’s Rec Room. They did play there on occasion. M

Tasia – September 2008

One of the first “people” shoots I’d done. Not a clue what to do or how to do it, still managed to get a few

Iron Iris (JRs Lightbulb Club – February 2016)

This was the first time I had photographed this band since the addition of a new guitarist. One band? I don’t remember i

Pile of Dead Women (ROTC – September 2008)

ROTC (Restaurant On The Corner) was a place outside of town with a great vibe (not to mention the food) but had an awful music

The Pope County Bootleggers (Terra Studios – September 2010)

The only time I photographed live music at Terra Studios. The Pope County Bootleggers were 3/4 of The Shackrats plus a washboa

The C.J. Boyd Sextet, David’s Pegasus (New Deli – May 2008)

From the New Deli house, local band David’s Pegasus and traveling act The C.J. Boyd Sextet. The last image is of a band,

The Sour Notes, Witchsister, Dead Indian (JRs Lightbulb Club – September 2014)

The Sour Notes were out of Austin, Texas. There seemed to be a lot of bands from Austin during that year. Fayetteville was a h

Punk Rock Prom – September 2008

Held at The Old Post Office (OPO) on the Fayetteville square, bands included The Pull Out Method and The Drunkards. Honey Bee

Shannon Wurst – July 2008

This was the first shoot done with this young lady. She had contacted me about doing the design layout for her CD “Sunda