Lanetta – September 2018

Actually did a couple of model shoots in 2018. I do, on a rare occasion, shoot with people to stay familiar with the camera. T

Torn Apart By Oxen, The Inner Party, The FuckTards (Lafayette House – July 2008)

Lafayette House…if you never made it to a party here…well, you just wouldn’t understand. All photographs tak

Man Dreams Ghost, Pat & Maddie Villines, Jeff Kearney, Christopher Plowman (The Green Door – May 2008)

Dubbed Newton County Night or something along those lines, all performers were from…you guessed it, Newton County. All p

Halloween Party – October 2008

Shot a lot of film that night. As you can see, it was a great party with decoration, DJs and dancing. Fun, friendly and fine f

Adrienna – June 2010

The last of several shoots with this lady. I do recall her being very late that day…as usual. But despite that, we had a

The Inner Party, Will West, The Drunkards (Bike City – April 2008)

Images from the best days of the scene during my stay in Fayetteville. Bike City was the epitome of an underground music venue

Morgan – February 2009

Brutally cold at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith. One of two shoots with this beautiful lady. Very easy to work with and was very i

Giants, Man the Helm! (Mayapple Salon – December 2008)

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about this evening was a girl standing behind me complaining through the whole show t

Liquid Courage, Queen Beast, Friday Maybe Saturday (OPO – November 2008)

Not the best images but with the completely black room and low light of The Old Post Office, that was always a given. All phot