Photography Info

Hey folks, this page is designed to answer a few questions about this site and it’s contents.

Why do you have only a few images per show? I’ve seen so many more from that show in the past.

  • I don’t have time to upload too much content. I’m busy with other ventures in life.
  • Hosting costs money. The more content, the more you pay for hosting. Since I shot hundreds of shows and tens of thousands of photographs, Only a few per show can be loaded. Over the years, the size of this site could grow exponentially.
  • One day, I may do a 20 year anniversary show and will need fresh content.

Can I purchase copies of photographs of my band?

  • Yes, simply email me and tell me who you are, the band and location (if possible).
  • All images will be provided of that show in a zip file via email after payment via PayPal (link will be provided in response email.
  • All image sets (per show) will be $20 USD. Profits will go to pay for hosting for this site.

Can you possibly let me have the images for free?

  • No.

May I download what you have up and use them on my social media site?

  • Guess I can’t stop you. Please, at the very least, credit me as
  • I would prefer the posts to be linked and shared but whatever.

A newspaper, blog or other such outfit is writing a story on me or my band, can we use them in an article?

  • Hell no. Commercial ventures such as those are not entitled to my hard work for free.

Are you on social media?

  • No. And I have no plans of doing so. If you want to stay informed…subscribe.