This was the only show I attended at Backspace. More of a place to indoctrinate kids into identity politics and other liberal nonsense than a music venue. By this time, I just could not be around that garbage any longer. Many people felt this way but didn’t say so because they were afraid of losing the ability to play there. For certain types of bands, this was one of the only places to perform. Someone told me a story about going to a show there and having one of the individuals that ran the place tell them to not be so aggressive and loud while watching a band (They were standing in place “head-banging”). This was not a “one-off” example either. If you wanted to see a scene full of emasculated males checking their privilege, Backspace was your gig. Yeah…not my thing. Anyhow, Biq Flikkr and Not On Your Life were both great bands. All photographs shot with a Nikon D7000.

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