Big Jake – May 2008

I met Jake through Myspace. A nerd-core hip-hop artist, he was a pretty good guy. For several years, he helped get a few proje

Torn Apart By Oxen, The Inner Party, The FuckTards (Lafayette House – July 2008)

Lafayette House…if you never made it to a party here…well, you just wouldn’t understand. All photographs tak

Man Dreams Ghost, Pat & Maddie Villines, Jeff Kearney, Christopher Plowman (The Green Door – May 2008)

Dubbed Newton County Night or something along those lines, all performers were from…you guessed it, Newton County. All p

Halloween Party – October 2008

Shot a lot of film that night. As you can see, it was a great party with decoration, DJs and dancing. Fun, friendly and fine f

The Inner Party, Will West, The Drunkards (Bike City – April 2008)

Images from the best days of the scene during my stay in Fayetteville. Bike City was the epitome of an underground music venue

Giants, Man the Helm! (Mayapple Salon – December 2008)

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about this evening was a girl standing behind me complaining through the whole show t

Liquid Courage, Queen Beast, Friday Maybe Saturday (OPO – November 2008)

Not the best images but with the completely black room and low light of The Old Post Office, that was always a given. All phot

Man the Helm! (New Deli – August 2008)

There may have been other bands on this show. If I find that to be the case later, they will be added. All photographs taken w

Pile of Dead Women, The Drunkards (Lafayette House – May 2008)

The hottest night ever shooting bands. The basement was humid and brutally hot. This can be seen from some of the images where