Alexis – August 2012

These were shot in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Pound-per-pound, one of the best days I’ve ever had as a photographer. The

The Drunkards, Nervous Curtains, Perpetual Werewolf, Egyptr (LaLaLand – May 2012)

This was a 5 year celebration that I put together. Took a hiatus for a while after this. Burnout. We covered the walls in LaLa

Left Holding the Gun, TOAD, Perpetual Werewolf (JRs Lightbulb Club – March 2012)

This night, a guy by the name of Nate returned to Fayetteville with the band TOAD (Take Over And Destroy). He was in Queen Bea

Real Live Vikings, unknown bands (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2012)

Some great crowd images. This was a particularly fun night. Dubbed Two Years in the Orient Party, folks were seeing off a youn

Well Well Well, Tafias, Thunderlizards (La La Land – March 2012)

First time photographing Thunderlizards and Tafias. This was an artshow/promotional event for a skate company? Something like

Taylor – May 2012

This was the first of two shoots with this young lady. Easy to work with, personable, in shape, absolutely gorgeous and very i

Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, The Inner Party, The Itch (ROTC – January 2012)

Another set from “not the best photographs I’ve taken” category. But as explained in previous entries, ROTC

Lizard Police, The Inner Party (La La Land – March 2012)

Part of a building behind where the old Brenda’s Bigger Burger was located, La La Land was a tiny room that was either e

The Itch, Real Live Vikings, Genome Chomsky (ROTC – March 2012)

Not a bad series considering the use of direct flash. All this film was pretty expired. Typically, I would not shoot this much