Cassie – May 2010

Fort Smith always had something the Fayetteville area didn’t have. A real blue collar, industrial feel…not only in

Morgan – February 2009

Brutally cold at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith. One of two shoots with this beautiful lady. Very easy to work with and was very i

Taylor – May 2012

This was the first of two shoots with this young lady. Easy to work with, personable, in shape, absolutely gorgeous and very i

A Good Fight, The Inner Party, Dreamfast (JRs Lightbulb Club – September 2011)

This show was the only time that A Good Fight and Dreamfast were ever photographed by myself. These bands seemed to be more of

Awesome 50 – April 2010

One of many shoots with this lady. All photographs produced with a Nikon n80 35mm. Would you like to be notified of new posts

The Pope County Bootleggers (Terra Studios – September 2010)

The only time I photographed live music at Terra Studios. The Pope County Bootleggers were 3/4 of The Shackrats plus a washboa

The Homeschool Dropouts (The Rowdy Beaver – October 2019)

My Boy! My Boy! Got to hear some Johnny Paycheck! Thanks, Dickey! Haven’t shot music in over 3 years. Managed to get the

Rotgut Swine, Torn Apart By Oxen, The FuckTards, What Army (Betty Joe – January 2009)

Rotgut Swine was from either Stilwell or Westville, Oklahoma. Apparently The Schwingers did a set as well? Who knows? It was B

The Drunkards (Zac Slusher House Party – October 2008)

This was a house party in Bentonville/Rogers, Arkansas. Can’t remember any other bands playing. Had one of the best hot