Daniel Francis Doyle, Mad Happy, Perpetual Werewolf (Maxine’s Tap Room – October 2010)

The years 2010 and 2011 were fantastic years for music at Maxine’s Tap Room. It was truly a legendary bar…before t

Crankbait, Antarctichrist, Mud Lung (JRs Lightbulb Club – February 2014)

A metal show shot on film. The year 2014 would be the last time that I would shoot film. All photographs taken with a Minolta

JRs Lightbulb Club 25th Anniversary – September 2014

The title speaks for itself. Bands that played over that weekend were Doctor Nod, The Airplanes, The Good Fear, Monsterheart,

Mister Blister (JRs Lightbulb Club – July 2014)

The traveling band cancelled that night. I do not recall who the fellow in the last two images was. Anyway, Mister Blister had

Grim Creeper, No End Game (JRs Lightbulb Club – May 2014)

This was the stage were I was still learning the Nikon d7000. The singer of No End Game, Kevin (also played in Lo-Res), was a

David Kimbrough Jr. & Stacy Nicole Mackey (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2011)

Maxine’s was one of the best rooms to shoot photography in. Easy to get results there. Not many images, he didn’t

Shook Yang, Dead Indian, Auric, May the Peace of the Sea (JRs Lightbulb Club – August 2014)

Without a doubt, all photographs wish every lead vocalist were like the front man in Shook Yang. One of the best I’ve ph

Unknown band (Sound Warehouse – December 2010)

Same night as the prior post on NYE. I want to say they were a traveling band but can’t say with any amount of certainty

Jr Soapbox (JRs Lightbulb Club – January 2015)

Not many bands either can or want to play after or before the holidays. This was one such case. Jr Soapbox was the only act of