Cassie – May 2010

Fort Smith always had something the Fayetteville area didn’t have. A real blue collar, industrial feel…not only in

Cletus Got Shot – April 2008

I was fooling around with the Minolta HiMatic G and wanted to see what it could do on a cloudy day. The fellas in Cletus Got S

Mercy Gearheart – April 2009

The first of several shoots with this model. Very upfront and adventurous, it made it easy to get a decent shot. Her style was

Rachel AW – July 2012

Going through these, I was shocked to find how much film we shot that day! This is a very small example of the dozens of rolls

MSG, Perpetual Werewolf (New Deli – September 2009)

Under normal circumstances, a band like MSG would probably not have played at New Deli. Fayetteville, socially and musically,

Jeff Kearney (Maxine’s Tap Room – October 2008)

Jeff Kearney of Flipoff Pirates doing some solo tunes at Maxine’s. All photographs taken with a Minolta HiMatic G 35mm r

Holga 120 – Various Dates

A mix of loose Holga images varying in dates and subjects. Most can be dated 2008 to 2009. I pretty much gave up on the Holga

Nazzy – December 2008

The only shoot done with this lovely lady. As you can see, sun flares and natural light was my objective around this time. Nev

Pope County Bootleggers (Maxine’s Tap Room – November 2008)

An act I always enjoyed seeing. Butch and Dickey made some great music together. All photographs taken with a Minolta HiMatic