KingShifter, Iron Iris, Mud Lung (JRs Lightbulb Club – July 2014)

Metal show from JRs on Block Street. Iron Iris and Mud Lung were locals while Kingshifter were out of Wichita, Kansas. All pho

Fire Retarded, Native Lights (JRs Lightbulb Club – July 2014)

Two very different bands. Fire Retarded were really fun to shoot. Native Lights had some great music. All photographs shot wit

Holga 120 – Various Dates

A mix of loose Holga images varying in dates and subjects. Most can be dated 2008 to 2009. I pretty much gave up on the Holga

High Lonesome, High Magic, Doctor Nod (JRs Lightbulb Club – July 2014)

I had started to emulate an older 800 speed film by Fuji. Not sure of the name of the film particularly but I had came pretty

Left Holding the Gun, TOAD, Perpetual Werewolf (JRs Lightbulb Club – March 2012)

This night, a guy by the name of Nate returned to Fayetteville with the band TOAD (Take Over And Destroy). He was in Queen Bea

Grim Creeper, No End Game (JRs Lightbulb Club – May 2014)

This was the stage were I was still learning the Nikon d7000. The singer of No End Game, Kevin (also played in Lo-Res), was a

Everyone Is Dirty, Witchsister (JRs Lightbulb Club – July 2014)

The one thing that comes to mind about this night was how nice the folks in Everyone Is Dirty were. All photographs shot with

Sphynx, Holiday Mountain (JRs Lightbulb Club – August 2014)

Very fun show with two party bands. All photographs shot with a Nikon D7000. Would you like to be notified of new posts when t

Shook Yang, Dead Indian, Auric, May the Peace of the Sea (JRs Lightbulb Club – August 2014)

Without a doubt, all photographs wish every lead vocalist were like the front man in Shook Yang. One of the best I’ve ph