Cletus Got Shot (Maxine’s Tap Room – April 2008)

When Maxine’s was actually a cool bar and 2008 was a magic type of year. One of the first series I shot at that venue. A

Johnny Arredondo, Robert Hatfield Band (Maxine’s Tap Room – February 2011)

This may have been the same night as another show at JRs Lightbulb Club. I was passing by and stepped in to see who was playin

Pope County Bootleggers (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2009)

Never missed an opportunity to get out and see Dickey and Butch. With songs like “Ticks” and “Shittin’

Jeff Kearney (Maxine’s Tap Room – October 2008)

Jeff Kearney of Flipoff Pirates doing some solo tunes at Maxine’s. All photographs taken with a Minolta HiMatic G 35mm r

Truck Stop Hookers, Pullout Method, FuckTards, Real Live Vikings (Maxine’s Tap Room – September 2011)

Four bands and a lot of film. This was an especially fun night as I remember. Maxine’s had a good several years during t

Pope County Bootleggers (Maxine’s Tap Room – November 2008)

An act I always enjoyed seeing. Butch and Dickey made some great music together. All photographs taken with a Minolta HiMatic

Real Live Vikings, unknown bands (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2012)

Some great crowd images. This was a particularly fun night. Dubbed Two Years in the Orient Party, folks were seeing off a youn

David Kimbrough Jr. & Stacy Nicole Mackey (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2011)

Maxine’s was one of the best rooms to shoot photography in. Easy to get results there. Not many images, he didn’t

The Great Scotts, Real Live Vikings, Kyle Lee (Maxine’s Tap Room – October 2011)

Kyle Lee was a type of urban legend in Fayetteville. Anyone living around the area that time knew of him. On weekends, he woul