Jeff Kearney – December 2011

Some “promotional” type images done with singer/songwriter Jeff Kearney. He was a bit of a hippie type but likable

The Drunkards – March 2010

In March 2010, my Dad had a stroke and was crippled to a wheel chair. Along with that, life in just about every aspect was hor

Mannequin Pussy, UGLY MUTT (JRs Lightbulb Club – August 2014)

Hotter than hell that evening. Funny the things you remember. Not a huge crowd (weekday) and that was unfortunate because Mann

Man the Helm! (Mayapple Salon – November 2008)

There were a handful of shows at a local hair salon that ended rather quickly. I’m not sure how many actually did happen

Catfish Jackson (Shirley’s – January 2012)

Catfish Jackson was another band project of Richard Burnett (Shackrats, Mudhawk, Pope County Bootleggers). Shirley’s is

BKA, Human (Happy Hollow – November 2009)

BKA was short for Brass Knuckle Abortion. The only images shot at Happy Hollow. A house party that lasted a while. I had atten

Dying (Tontitown – December 2011)

This looks to be from New Year’s Eve in Tontitown, Arkansas. A large building on a farm, there were other bands playing

Auric, Terminus, Iron Iris (La La Land – April 2014)

This was one of the last shows where I would use a film camera. The best era for LaLaLand. For a couple of years, it had the b

400 Blows, Potions (JRs Lightbulb Club – October 2011)

You would be hard pressed to find another show, in 2011, that could top 400 Blows. Fast, vicious and dark. Unfortunately, thes