Pile of Dead Women – August 2008

Pile of Dead Women (PODW) practice session just off the Fayetteville square. These particular images were shot with a HiMatic

Speakeasy Party – May 2009

Speakeasy theme party. Good people and always a bunch of fun. Those nights were some of the most pleasurable during my photogr

Shelly’s Farewell Party (August 2009)

In all the years during the Fayetteville days, I was never treated so well or felt so welcomed as you did at Chad and Shelly&#

Fauxnz, The Inner Party, Potions (La La Land – March 2013)

Potions were members of Perpetual Werewolf, Wild Bill and Owen Buffington (would later play in Llinda). Also playing was The I

Llinda (JRs Lightbulb Club – December 2013)

Llinda was the only band that I photographed that night. There might have been another but if so, I can’t find any photo

Mondo Blackout & ??? (George’s Majestic Lounge – March 2013)

Here is Mondo Blackout, a side project of Phillip Eubanks of the Shackrats. A friend had loaned me his digital Nikon d800 and

What Army (Cheers – July 2009)

In the prior post, I made the comment that The Dart Room, without doubt, was the worse place to shoot photography in? Well, he

Biq Flikkr & Terminus (The Boom Boom Room – February 2016)

The post title sums it up, Biq Flikkr and Terminus at The Boom Boom Room on Dickson Street. This night will always be remember

Auric & Glasir (La La Land – January 2016)

After years of doing that photography thing, 2016 would be the year I started winding down shooting the Fayetteville, Arkansas