Truck Stop Hookers, Pullout Method, FuckTards, Real Live Vikings (Maxine’s Tap Room – September 2011)

Four bands and a lot of film. This was an especially fun night as I remember. Maxine’s had a good several years during t

Holga 120 – Various Dates

A mix of loose Holga images varying in dates and subjects. Most can be dated 2008 to 2009. I pretty much gave up on the Holga

BKA, Pullout Method, Turtles, Unknown Band(s) (The Gypsy – August 2009)

One, maybe two, traveling bands that I am not aware of who they were. If you know, please shoot me a message and inform me. Al

Punk Rock Prom 2 (Cheers – September 2009)

The second Punk Rock Prom. The room really smelled of body odor that night. There was talk of a third but it never happened as

The Drunkards, The Pullout Method (The Gypsy – December 2008)

The thing about punk bands, they don’t play long. Typically a set might last 25 minutes. It is very easy to only shoot 2

Sinking South, Liquid Courage, The Pullout Method (The Dart Room – May 2009)

Randy’s Birthday Celebration? Pretty sure it was. The Dart Room on College (Later to become The Gypsy on College). All p

Lethal Red, Pullout Method, Genome Chomsky (The Dart Room – December 2007)

Most all film photographers, sooner or later, go through the 120 format toy camera phase. Here are some from my short-lived ve

Punk Rock Prom – September 2008

Held at The Old Post Office (OPO) on the Fayetteville square, bands included The Pull Out Method and The Drunkards. Honey Bee

Boom Boom Kid, The Pullout Method, The Counterlife (Bike City – October 2008)

Had to be one of the top 5 shows when it comes to shooting well. On top of that, I shot a lot of film too. Things just clicked