Not On Your Life (JRs Lightbulb Club – April 2014)

One of the last, if not the last, shows I would shoot with a film camera. I can’t remember if I shot any other bands tha

The Itch, Real Live Vikings, Genome Chomsky (ROTC – March 2012)

Not a bad series considering the use of direct flash. All this film was pretty expired. Typically, I would not shoot this much

Punk Rock Prom – September 2008

Held at The Old Post Office (OPO) on the Fayetteville square, bands included The Pull Out Method and The Drunkards. Honey Bee

The Drunkards (La La Land – November 2012)

Was this the last Drunkards show? Who knows…who cares…the only thing that matters…they finally went away. Al

Meatsweat (The 23 Sessions)

Meatsweat was a favorite of mine. Old guys just ripping out high-octane punk. From the “23 Sessions”, a twenty-three band

Fuck Ya’ll, Liquid Courage (The Gypsy on College – February 2009)

One of my favorite bands Liquid Courage. Fuck Ya’ll was a short-lived punk-type project. Not sure how many shows they ac

Pullout Method, Drunkards & The Itch (Wilson Ave. – January 2009)

It is possible that I attended one other show at Wilson Avenue but it is very difficult to remember. That is a shame because i

Genome Chomsky, Fire Don’t Care & Patsies (Bike City – October 2008)

Fayetteville local punks Genome Chomsky, indie heart throbs Fire Don’t Care and touring band Patsies at Bike City in Oct

The Fucktards, The Schwingers, Pullout Method (Betty Joe – December 2008)

Betty Joe was a notorious street in the Wedington area of West Fayetteville. A very crime infested place that did have one red