Truck Stop Hookers, Pullout Method, FuckTards, Real Live Vikings (Maxine’s Tap Room – September 2011)

Four bands and a lot of film. This was an especially fun night as I remember. Maxine’s had a good several years during t

Real Live Vikings, unknown bands (Maxine’s Tap Room – January 2012)

Some great crowd images. This was a particularly fun night. Dubbed Two Years in the Orient Party, folks were seeing off a youn

The Great Scotts, Real Live Vikings, Kyle Lee (Maxine’s Tap Room – October 2011)

Kyle Lee was a type of urban legend in Fayetteville. Anyone living around the area that time knew of him. On weekends, he woul

The Itch, Real Live Vikings, Genome Chomsky (ROTC – March 2012)

Not a bad series considering the use of direct flash. All this film was pretty expired. Typically, I would not shoot this much

Real Live Vikings, Glory Bones (JRs Lightbulb Club – December 2011)

More negatives scanned with an older scanner. Lots of photographs. Glory Bones was playing all the time during this period. Th

Banks of Trent Creek, Jr Soapbox, Real Live Vikings (Maxine’s Tap Room – November 2011)

An unknown band in this set. I call them “The Didn’t Like Their Picture Being Taken Band”. Tin Pan something

Real Live Vikings – March 2012

I’m not entirely sure if the band asked me to do this or not. Since promo type stuff was never a thing I’d wanted

Pullout Method (Maxine’s Tap Room – August 2011)

One of the last shows I shot of The Pullout Method (Possibly spelt The Pull Out Method). They did a few shows during several m