This was the first time I had shot in this venue. At my second attempt, I managed to get it right. Not that these are bad photographs but they are a bit not up-to-par, so to speak. The bands are Cosmic American and Witchsister at the Boom Boom Room on Dickson. Funny tale from that night, after shooting I stood at the bar needing a soda where the bartender completely ignored me and gave me a few smarmy looks while he attentively and happily was serving all the females patrons. He was apparently the guy that ran the place who later messaged me wanting to use my photographs on his bar website presumably not knowing I was the guy he acted like an asshole to. That kind of crap was something you become accustom to living in that town. Typical Fayetteville-Dickson Street douche-bags. The door guys were always cool I must say. Photographs produced with a Nikon D7000.

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