Mercy Gearheart – April 2009

The first of several shoots with this model. Very upfront and adventurous, it made it easy to get a decent shot. Her style was

The Drunkards, Nervous Curtains, Perpetual Werewolf, Egyptr (LaLaLand – May 2012)

This was a 5 year celebration that I put together. Took a hiatus for a while after this. Burnout. We covered the walls in LaLa

Rachel AW – July 2012

Going through these, I was shocked to find how much film we shot that day! This is a very small example of the dozens of rolls

JRs Lightbulb Club 25th Anniversary – September 2014

The title speaks for itself. Bands that played over that weekend were Doctor Nod, The Airplanes, The Good Fear, Monsterheart,

MSG, Perpetual Werewolf (New Deli – September 2009)

Under normal circumstances, a band like MSG would probably not have played at New Deli. Fayetteville, socially and musically,

Giants, Man the Helm! (Mayapple Salon – December 2008)

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about this evening was a girl standing behind me complaining through the whole show t

Paul Boatright – March 2010

One of a couple of shoots with this gentleman. This was one of the better “laid-back” shoots I had. Easy guy tog g

Pile of Dead Women, The Drunkards (Lafayette House – May 2008)

The hottest night ever shooting bands. The basement was humid and brutally hot. This can be seen from some of the images where

Drag Show – September 2008

My neighbor was a drag show performer and wanted a few promotional images. The following photographs were shot at club Tangeri