Potions (LaLaLand – July 2011)

Obviously scanned on the “not so good” scanner. This could be all from this show. Don’t know. If others from

The Drunkards, Nervous Curtains, Perpetual Werewolf, Egyptr (LaLaLand – May 2012)

This was a 5 year celebration that I put together. Took a hiatus for a while after this. Burnout. We covered the walls in LaLa

Pagiins, The Chads, Suzi Trash (LaLaLand – December 2015)

Bone-ass cold that night. La La Land was a great place but during the winter it was like an icebox. This was the second time I

Well Well Well, Tafias, Thunderlizards (La La Land – March 2012)

First time photographing Thunderlizards and Tafias. This was an artshow/promotional event for a skate company? Something like

Lizard Police, The Inner Party (La La Land – March 2012)

Part of a building behind where the old Brenda’s Bigger Burger was located, La La Land was a tiny room that was either e

The Drunkards (La La Land – November 2012)

Was this the last Drunkards show? Who knows…who cares…the only thing that matters…they finally went away. Al

Lightbulb Detective Agency, Potions, Fauxnz (La La Land – April 2012)

LDA – “A band committed to those same feelings of boundless inspiration and experimentation. A band that was struc

Auric, Terminus, Iron Iris (La La Land – April 2014)

This was one of the last shows where I would use a film camera. The best era for LaLaLand. For a couple of years, it had the b

Fiscal Spliff, Grim Creeper, Not On Your Life, Resin Hands (La La Land – January 2014)

Fiscal Spliff (Russellville, AR), Not On Your Life (Fort Smith, AR) and Grim Creeper, Resin Hands (Fayetteville, AR). This was