The Drunkards – December 2008

The Drunkards went out and I tagged along to shoot a few “promotional” type images for social media and such. Thes

The Drunkards, Nervous Curtains, Perpetual Werewolf, Egyptr (LaLaLand – May 2012)

This was a 5 year celebration that I put together. Took a hiatus for a while after this. Burnout. We covered the walls in LaLa

The Inner Party, Will West, The Drunkards (Bike City – April 2008)

Images from the best days of the scene during my stay in Fayetteville. Bike City was the epitome of an underground music venue

Pile of Dead Women, The Drunkards (Lafayette House – May 2008)

The hottest night ever shooting bands. The basement was humid and brutally hot. This can be seen from some of the images where

Holga 120 – Various Dates

A mix of loose Holga images varying in dates and subjects. Most can be dated 2008 to 2009. I pretty much gave up on the Holga

Punk Rock Prom 2 (Cheers – September 2009)

The second Punk Rock Prom. The room really smelled of body odor that night. There was talk of a third but it never happened as

The Drunkards, Family Dogs & The FuckTards (Betty Joe – February 2009)

Shot a crap-load of film this night. Good show. Betty Joe was a great place to shoot. Always managed descent images out of tha

The Drunkards, The Pullout Method (The Gypsy – December 2008)

The thing about punk bands, they don’t play long. Typically a set might last 25 minutes. It is very easy to only shoot 2

The Drunkards – March 2010

In March 2010, my Dad had a stroke and was crippled to a wheel chair. Along with that, life in just about every aspect was hor